SELFIE KUّ NA - سيلفي كُنَّ

Selfiekuna- empowering thousands of underprivileged & refugee women in the Arab World.

How 'SELFIE KUّ NA - سيلفي كُنَّ' started

Join hundreds of women who have already created their ‘Selfie Kuّna’ and shared feelings of anger, disappointment or being held back! Participate / + Information


انضمي لمئات النساء اللواتي سبق لهنّ المشاركة في " سيلفي كُنَّ "، و ابتكري سيلفي معبرة و حقيقية، تظهر مشاعرك الصعبة، والحزينة والغاضبة، ووو !                                                               

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Art Therapy with Women

About Us


DaVinci's Children أطفال دافنشي

Art Therapy with orphaned young women, orphaned children & their caretakers. 

This group of women were subjected to neglect and abandonment as children. Today they have difficulty finding a job or getting married because of a society that not only judges them but also labels them. 36 sessions of art therapy helped them build their self-confidence and self-love. Thank you to Shoman Foundation for sponsoring this cause and Al-Aman Fund For The Future of Orphans. for believing in Kaynouna

Art Therapy with Refugees


Children, youth and women are subjected to a continuous trauma that will affect generations to come

Based in Refugee Camps and Community Centers- Kaynouna Center offered Art Therpay to more than 1000 refugees in multiple locations including Amman, Mafraq, Zaatari Refugee Camp, Baqa'a Refugee Camp and South of Lebanon- 



Art Therapy Group for children and Adults in worst hit nieghborhood of Tufah

Kaynouna provided 50 traumatized children with Art Therapy Groups as part of  Mercy Corps Psycho-social team training.

Orphans of Palestine


Art Therapy with Orphans of Palestine in collaboration with SOS and AptArt

Short term Art therapy Groups with Orphans of Palestine- Bethlehem.