Kaynouna كينونة

Kaynouna Art Therapy Center

  Kaynouna Center was founded in 2012 and is considered a pioneer in its field in the Arab Region. Kaynouna not only aims at providing Art Psychotherapy to those in need, but most importantly aims to be part of a journey that will collectively spread insight, awareness and compassion in a world passing though great disturbance, confusion, and uncertainty . 

Workshops, training and on the ground Art Psychotherapy groups aim at the continuous development and insight of societies and humanity. 

Kaynouna Center has offered and implemented Art Psychotherapy groups with thousands of refugee and underprivildged children, youth and women- and will continue to reach out and try to heal our collective pain.

Trauma Informed Art Therapy- Refugees

Trauma Informed Art Psychotherapy has proven to be effective as it helps both children and adults express and process feelings caused by the witnessing of war, experience of displacement, neglect, living in refugee camps and loss of loved ones. Terr (1990) notes that “trauma does not ordinarily get better by itself; It burrows down further and further under the child’s defenses and coping strategies” (p. 293). Art Psychotherapy helps  children and adults learn to solve their identity crisis, trust themselves and others again, get to know their unconscious, form better relationships and tap into their wealth of hope and life. Art Psychotherapy also gives them a moment to themselves to process their situation and relate to each other through their art and stories with the presence of a specialized Art Psychotherapist.     

Where are we?

 We are running projects in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, UAE and other Arab Countries. Contact us to take part in a passionate, painful and humane journey; sponsor a refugee/orphan group, train to get a certificate in Art Therapy or ask for  Self-Care/Team Building for your team.

About Kaynouna عن كينونة

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